Veneers are a cosmetic dental treatment designed to give you the best smile possible. Veneers are custom-made in a dental laboratory to fit your teeth and mouth perfectly. When bonded to your teeth, veneers can give you a beautiful and flawless smile.

Veneers can add to the beauty of your smile by:

  • Correcting misshapen or crooked teeth
  • Lightening and brightening the teeth
  • Fixing the size of disproportionate teeth
  • Closing the gaps between teeth
  • Repairing teeth’s wear and tear


The veneers procedure takes place over the course of two visits to our office. At the first visit, your teeth will be prepared to receive the veneers. The dentist will lightly buff and shape your teeth to prepare them for the veneers. He will also take impressions to ensure the fit of the veneers. In addition, you will also choose the shade of your veneers. During the second appointment, the veneers will be bonded to your teeth.

Post-Op Instructions

If the dentist used anesthetic during the veneers procedure, you may experience numbness of the lips, teeth and tongue for several hours following your appointment at our Wyckoff, NJ dental practice. Until the numbness wears off, do not chew hard on anything in order to avoid any potential problems. It is essential to continue flossing and brushing on a regular basis in order to maintain the health of your mouth and the beauty of your veneers.