A dental bridge is a permanent dental appliance that our dentist may place to replace your missing teeth.

A fixed dental bridge has many purposes and can be used to:

  • Improve your smile
  • Fill the spaces left by missing teeth
  • Prevent your natural teeth from shifting
  • Replace a removable partial denture
  • Restore the function of your bite and mouth
  • Enhance and help retain the natural shape of your face

Dental bridges are made up of two crowns that envelop the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth gap. These are called the abutment teeth. In between the crowns, the dentist will place a pontic, or artificial tooth. When in place, the pontic looks and functions just like a natural tooth. In addition, because we are devoted to giving you a smile you can be proud of, your bridge will blend in unnoticeably with your natural teeth to give you a beautiful smile. We invite you to call our Wyckoff, NJ dental practice today to learn more about dental bridges and your options for replacing your missing teeth.

Post-Op Instructions

After your bridge has been placed by our Wyckoff, NJ dentist, it is fairly normal to experience numbness in the hours immediately following the procedure. During this time, avoid drinking or eating anything hot as well as biting hard on anything. Sensitivity is also common after a bridge has been placed. Try using desensitizing toothpaste for additional comfort. If pain, discomfort, or sensitivity persists, please contact our office immediately.

Please read this fact sheet to learn more about bridges.